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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How the BOO!beloobies look at the Lekker Life Fees!

So here is how the BOO!beloobies looked at the Lekker Life Fees!  Aren't they just gorgeous, especially when they are all together!

Some BOO!beloobies, there is Owls, Ladybugs, Lions and Panda's and sooo much more!

Tinker the Tinman turned out so adorable!

BOO!beloobie toys and watercolour paintings

They are too cute!

Later in the week I'll be giving you guys other peaks at the rest of the heART in the Garden Exhibit, which turned out completely stunning!

So we'll keep in touch, have a great week!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Lekker Life Festival is starting tomorrow!

The reason I've been missing in action for the last 3 weeks is starting tomorrow!

The "Lekker Life Festival" in conjunction with heART in  the Garden is kicking off the festivities on the 21st of March, and running until the 25th of March at the Silverstar Casino in Krugersdorp.  There are loads of family entertaining, food and exhibits, and I can tell you, the artwork on display at the heART in the Garden gallery is going to be mind blowingly stunning.

I'll be posting pics of the event later in the week, have over 80 of my BOO!beloobies there, and we are hoping to turn some heads!

See you later all!