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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Babuschka the Ballerina is the cutest little dancer ever!

She wears a cute tutu, and is a little girl's best friend!

She's really serious about her shoes, like all good ballerina's must be!



Friday, 17 July 2015

Oliver the Octopus

The gorgeous Oliver the Octopus was made as a winter snuggle-octopus!

 I wouldn't mind getting hugged by this Fella!

And those eyes, I could look at them for hours!

Hopefully this winter goes by fast, but with a snuggly friend like this one, I don't know if you would want it to!



Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A Boov-a-licious Birthday!

 For my son's 6th Birthday party, we decided to do a "Home" movie party, he changed his mind right after we saw the movie, and I was in, as I loved it very much too!

I made the cutest Boov Aliens as party favours for all the kids!

I made all the party packs and the graphics on them, as well as all the party decorations on the table!  
The cute Sugar cookies and rock candy was made by Victoria Hall from Bake my Day.  

The gorgeous Boov cake was made by Nadene Olivier from Hearts Delight Designer Cakes.

The scrumptious cupcakes was made by Suyin Pretorius from Sunique Events and gifting.

I used recyclable pizza boxes for the take home sweeties.

And the end result was a very content and happy 6 year old!


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Pinocchio party!

So I made the Pinocchio design as seen above, for a very special little boy who turned 3 years old.

His mommy asked for Pinocchio faces for cushions, a nice and big overlay for her pallet tables, that worked perfectly with the cushion seating!

And all the kids received a little Pinocchio plush friend as their invitation, how lucky can they be?

Some lovely monogrammed and personalised bunting rounded out the decor for the party...

It was such a magical party, all the kids enjoyed their little hearts out!  I just love to make things for this family, always a joy!


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Highlights from 2014!

One of the biggest work related highlight for 2014 must be being featured in the Essentials Magazine's December issue!

Thank you to everyone involved for making this such a memorable occasion, I felt so special, and you handled a nervous 'me' with such professionalism, I couldn't help but relax, and enjoyed the experience immensely!


As for 2015, let's hit the ground running!

Hope you all have a wonderfully hectic, and prosperous 2015!

All my love!