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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Marisa’s bright and beautiful Art

I met Marisa du Toit for the first time in March of this year, while she was painting at Alice Art Gallery in Ruimsig, Roodepoort, Johannesburg.

I’ve previously been a very big fan of her Art, but the opportunity to meet her was super exciting, so my hubby and my son Wiantjie and I went the Saturday morning….and was I pleasantly surprised!  With some very arty people, you sometimes feel out of place, almost not Arty enough yourself…..but with Marisa, it was as if I’ve just come across an old friend, with a relaxing and beautiful soul.  It was like meeting someone for the first time, only to get a feeling that you’ve known them forever.

She puts you at ease, and so does her artwork.  It’s whimsical, colourful, and soulful.  Each piece has meaning, purpose…….a goal to find the perfect owner, which would be connected to it for life! 

 Her work is playful and fun and extremely creative……and she’s got a unique way of portraying her thought and dreams in a way that can’t be mistaken for anybody else’s work!

Marisa came from a very artistic background, being a dancer…..and surrounded by a whole family of performers.  She’s had some major successes with her career, and most of all in her family life, having married her High School sweetheart, Conrad, and having a beautiful baby girl! 

But with all her past accolades, the things she’s accomplished…..all of that pales in comparison to what lies ahead for her and her family in the future! 

She will be one of those artists that is going to leave a mark where ever she goes, and make an impression on our souls like a small heart shaped stamp would do with a piece of parchment.

Marisa, from me and my family, we wish you so much joy, blessings and unmatched success for your future!  Your art is unmistaken, none in comparison……..and you should be very proud!

Please go and have a look at Marisa’s work…..believe me, she does not disappoint!  I should be so lucky as to own one of her paintings or illustrations one day………!

Happy days to all

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Babes in the Wood.....catchy isn't it?

I just love the “Leef” magazine (meaning Life), an Afrikaans Christian and Lifestyle Magazine published in South Africa.  I first saw the 2 beautiful ladies of Babes in the Wood in an article featured in the “Leef” magazine a while ago. 

I was inspired by their story, Karien Wood being a mom deciding to give up her day job to look after her kids.  Her love for all things beautiful -- with a twist and old vintage flair -- inspired her to start up Babes in the Wood with Letitia.

Letitia du Toit is an artist and designer with a B-Tech Degree in Textile Design. She has a passion for fashion and interior design and was a finalist in the House & Leisure Green Designers and Woolworths Competition in 2009.
Magret Matlou handles the crochet and some of the needlework.

They started their business from scratch, and the first time I saw their products in person was at the Irene Village Market in Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa.  Beautiful kids clothing!   I immediately bought 2 of the cutest t-shirts for my little boy!

They’ve been featuring their products at the coolest markets, their items being stocked by the trendiest shops, and most of the major publications and magazines in South Africa wanting to feature their story and their products.

Today Babes in the Wood specialize in a range of hand printed textiles with a difference ranging from clothes and cushions to aprons and tablecloths. Their work has been featured in numerous publications including Lééf, Visi, Tuis, Home, Idees and “Baba en Kleuter”.

When you see their work in person, you’re astounded at how much artisanship goes into making each and every item.  Iconic South African symbolism can be found on a lot of their work, bringing back memories of my childhood, and learning about the Voortrekkers, and President Paul Kruger, and I could go on and on and on!  I absolutely love History, always have, and it makes me so nostalgic, knowing where we’ve come from, and where we are going, and they got it right to pull on my heart strings, a very subtle but lasting pull!

Karien and Letitia (not forgetting all their collaborators), I hope you’re creative minds keep on blossoming, and that we will be surprised and delighted by your work for years and years to come!
Here are all their contact details!  Now, what are you waiting for?
 Happy Days to all!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A place called Eau-la-la......

There’s a place in Pretoria, South Africa.  A very whimsical place, filled with imaginative and caring people.  A place where you can see artist of all shapes and sizes, the work of crafters with nimble hands….a place where people can meet, breathe, unwind and just be themselves.

And this place is called Eau-la-la Art Café and Trends.  Nestled in a leafy suburb, inside a little community called Cape Connection, # 59 Garsfontein Road compels you to come around the street corner, with and old rusted, vintage car, with their name on the side, enticing you to come and take a look.

The atmosphere feels like home, the company engaging, and the actual Café and trends venue a sight to behold.  It would probably take a good week to actually see everything they have to offer.  Wonderful artisans, supporting South African people!  The names of the owners?  Ingrid Smit and Elitha Peachey.

Two very spiritual ladies, with a presence unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met.  Ingrid Smit is a professional graphic designer, fine arts aficionado, and interior designer.  Elitha Peachey is all inspiration, and a whole lot of class! She loves a good hearty chat, and has a feel for décor and design.

My BOO!beloobie range is featured in their venue, and I am so grateful to be affiliated with these ladies.

The accolades associated with Eau-la-la is astounding, the impression they leave upon strangers compelling! You can see them participate in most major Exhibits/Markets held in the Pretoria  and Johannesburg region, the latest being Tierlantynkies and heART in the Garden (featured in previous posts).

Just a little message to Ingrid and Elitha….may you’re blessings double, you keep on living your lives in the inspiring way that you have been doing, and we always stay friends!

 If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort. ~Terri Guillemets

And that is what you get when you visit Eau-la-la……………..comfort, and a little piece of poetry pie!

Happy days to all…..


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thxthxthx…………………….for the gratitude, Leah!

I stumbled upon a Facebook page the other day, simple saying thxthxthx:  a thank you note a day.

Sound unassuming enough…..yet , when I read further, I was pleasantly surprised!  It’s about a girl called Leah Dieterich, whose Mom encouraged her from a very young age, to write thank you notes.  It seems about any random thing, be it positive or negative. 

This makes you wonder? We take almost everything in our daily lives for granted, from having a roof over our heads, having cars to drive, food to eat….and yet there are people living in the bitter winter cold, without a scrap of food to eat, clothing or blankets to keep them warm.  Our priorities are all messed up…..shouldn’t we, like Leah, in our own special way, start saying thank you for the unexpected and little things in life more often?

Maybe, instead of looking at the “bigger picture” all the time, start looking at the small ones too?  We might start feeling more grateful for what we have, for life itself, for our friends and family, our pets, our food…..I can go on and on!

Leah has an extensive, and impressive resume, but the one thing I think that brings most homage to herself, and maybe her mom the most, it that her thank you notes was published, in a beautiful coffee table book.

Go and have a look at Leah’s website, ......I'm certain you will be inspired too.  And above all, let’s try to remember the little things….when they start adding up, they might just end up being the big things after all!

Happy days and loads of gratitude and blessings!



Monday, 6 June 2011

Mie - 1 Stuart Little - 0

We had a tussle of sorts this morning with a little field mouse I like to call Stuart Little.  He's been invading our living space for months now, only catching glimpses of him, and never being successful in catching the little rascal!

But this morning, when I saw him scampering away, I made a plan, a bright and beautiful plan, and then I called my husband!

After a lot of hockey stick action, ballerina moves, coaching and poking and prodding, and that was only my husband...........(hee hee hee), we finally had Stuart save and sound in a Tupperware container, which would later be thrown out!

Over the wall Stuart flew, as he was send into the neighbouring field with  a flying leap!  Unharmed, unscathed, no one with a scratch.......and me and my husband giggling as we went inside the house!  Savannah, the basset and Whiskey the spaniel, none the wiser.....and our little son Wian still fast asleep!

I hope you all have un unscathed and unharmed week, and may we all be just a little more patient and caring.....things can get done that way too!

Love and Happy days!