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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A place called Eau-la-la......

There’s a place in Pretoria, South Africa.  A very whimsical place, filled with imaginative and caring people.  A place where you can see artist of all shapes and sizes, the work of crafters with nimble hands….a place where people can meet, breathe, unwind and just be themselves.

And this place is called Eau-la-la Art Café and Trends.  Nestled in a leafy suburb, inside a little community called Cape Connection, # 59 Garsfontein Road compels you to come around the street corner, with and old rusted, vintage car, with their name on the side, enticing you to come and take a look.

The atmosphere feels like home, the company engaging, and the actual Café and trends venue a sight to behold.  It would probably take a good week to actually see everything they have to offer.  Wonderful artisans, supporting South African people!  The names of the owners?  Ingrid Smit and Elitha Peachey.

Two very spiritual ladies, with a presence unmatched by anyone I’ve ever met.  Ingrid Smit is a professional graphic designer, fine arts aficionado, and interior designer.  Elitha Peachey is all inspiration, and a whole lot of class! She loves a good hearty chat, and has a feel for décor and design.

My BOO!beloobie range is featured in their venue, and I am so grateful to be affiliated with these ladies.

The accolades associated with Eau-la-la is astounding, the impression they leave upon strangers compelling! You can see them participate in most major Exhibits/Markets held in the Pretoria  and Johannesburg region, the latest being Tierlantynkies and heART in the Garden (featured in previous posts).

Just a little message to Ingrid and Elitha….may you’re blessings double, you keep on living your lives in the inspiring way that you have been doing, and we always stay friends!

 If I had to sum up Friendship in one word, it would be Comfort. ~Terri Guillemets

And that is what you get when you visit Eau-la-la……………..comfort, and a little piece of poetry pie!

Happy days to all…..



  1. Love the hedgehogs and pandas! So cute!

  2. The shop looks amazing! I want to go there :)

    Following you from the Blog Team!