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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Update on the Tierlantynkies Market, Pretoria, South Africa

Was at the Tierlantynkies market for a visit today, to see the Eau-la-la stand, voted the best stand vir the Market by the Fabric Library, and offcourse to see how my BOO!beloobie range is doing!  It looks stunning, they bought a special display case, rustic wood that just makes my plushies stand out!  I'm so proud, at the same time exhausted, but it's such a great feeling that people appreciate what you do!  I don't think us artist's crave the recognition, but we do appreciate the feedback, especially if something that took you so long to make, and you poured your heart and soul into it, brings joy to someone else, and they can appreciate the time you took to make it, and the level of detail you tried to incorporate into it!  Thank you for all that's been my supporters, but especially to Ingrid and Elitha from Eau-la-la,, they are great and I'm priviledged to be one of their crafters/painters/suppliers!  Love ya girls! 

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