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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My next 2 events!

BOO!beloobie Li-Li the Ladybug
My toys will be on display at this winter's heArt in the Garden event on the 7th of May with Eau-la-la Art Cafe and Trends!  Thanks Eau-la-la for taking my little critters!  Otherwise, on the 14th of May I will be exhibiting all my artwork and toys and other crafty stuff at the Ovations Group Carnaval Day at the Rooihuiskraal Terrain in Centurion.  Unfortunately this will only be open to members of the company itself, I'm quite busy with preparations for this one, because my hubby is affiliated with the company!  Their mascot for the day is going to be a Ladybug, so I thought it appropriate to make some! 

Friday, 15 April 2011

Some food for thought!

If you don't wish for the impossible, and you wish for others too, then with a little positive thinking, your wish might just come true!   I'm hoping for one filled with visit's from friends long not seen, and being amazingly productive!  Have a individual exhibition coming up at a work function for my husband's work of all places.  A carnival of sorts on the 14th of May!  Looking forward to it!  Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Going once, going twice.....sold!

Well, at last I've sold my first landscape painting.  I've had great reviews on them, and everybody wants one, but for some or other reason they just can't pull the trigger!  Ag well, here is the first sold, and hopefully the first of many!  The new owner will hopefully come and collect out of Cape Town by next month!  Whoohoo!

Monday, 4 April 2011

I'm stuck! .....or am I?

For some or other reason, I was soooo productive last week, having to prepare for the market.  But upon delivery of all my goodies I decided to take a couple of days of to rejuvenate and reassess.  Whoa, was that NOT the right thing to do!  I've relaxed so much, it seems like my inspiration button has fallen off, and I'm now completely stumped in what to tackle next!  Anybody have any suggestions?  Dids???  Aaaah well, I'll just have to get some new idea juices flowing, maybe I'll start painting again?  I'll keep you all posted!  Meanwhile, here's a pic added of my 2 octopus plushies hanging at this weekends market!  They are very high maintenance to make, but I love to do them all the same!  Good week to all, and I hope you have ideas coming out of the no no, we won't go there!  Lielies!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Update on the Tierlantynkies Market, Pretoria, South Africa

Was at the Tierlantynkies market for a visit today, to see the Eau-la-la stand, voted the best stand vir the Market by the Fabric Library, and offcourse to see how my BOO!beloobie range is doing!  It looks stunning, they bought a special display case, rustic wood that just makes my plushies stand out!  I'm so proud, at the same time exhausted, but it's such a great feeling that people appreciate what you do!  I don't think us artist's crave the recognition, but we do appreciate the feedback, especially if something that took you so long to make, and you poured your heart and soul into it, brings joy to someone else, and they can appreciate the time you took to make it, and the level of detail you tried to incorporate into it!  Thank you for all that's been my supporters, but especially to Ingrid and Elitha from Eau-la-la,, they are great and I'm priviledged to be one of their crafters/painters/suppliers!  Love ya girls!