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Monday, 29 August 2011

GIVEAWAY from Africapintail out of Knysna, South Africa!

The colorful and creative mind behind Africapintail is Gaynor Napier, living in the luscious and inspiring area of Knysna in the Cape Province in South Africa.  She shares her passion for everything unique with her husband, and an eccentric dog that sings!

In her own words, she finds it difficult to be able to produce fine-art works while surrounded by such natural whimsy and beauty, so she loves to include a little bit of humor, fun and a burlesque touch to all her creations, which shows!

Her work is colorful, a touch ethnic, with a feel for the theatrical.  Specifically the piece that will be on offer as a GIVEAWAY today, thanks to Gaynor’s generosity.  It’s a stunning musician cuff.  It makes me want to join a band a play the bongo drums!  Or maybe an acoustic guitar, any type of instrument where this beautiful piece would be on display as much as the music would be!

Musician's Cuff on GIVEAWAY!

She also makes the cutest belts and handbags to live for!  I’m not a frilly person when putting on clothes, I like my earthy neutrals!  And with that I would love one of her handbags, it’s vibrant and would bring some life and pizazz to any outfit!

Just a little bit of background into Knysna where Africapintail originated from. 
Knysna is one of the Garden Route's best known travel destinations and was named one of the Top 100 Destinations in the World in the TripAdvisor 2008 Travellers’ Choice Destinations Awards.

Visitors are spoilt for choice with a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences to choose from. From leisurely relaxation, high energy adventure and sporting activities to shopping, haute cuisine, Knysna oysters or downing the locally brewed beer, Knysna reflects the finer things in life.

Track the mysterious Knysna forest elephant, take a ferry trip or a sunset yacht cruise, hike or cycle in the beautiful forests, take a walk on the beach or sip your favourite drink while watching the sun set over the estuary. With a rich history, gourmet restaurants and a variety of art & craft rambles to add, the options are limitless.

Discover a wonderfully different Knysna, see her colourful townships and experience her essence. There are a variety of township and cultural tours available. Stay in a homestay, explore the local Rastafarian community, eat an African delicacy called “Roosterkoek” or take part in a drumming session. Meet the people – from the Woodcutters in Karatara, to the Italians in Gouna, the Khoi and San Tribes like the Griqua and the Xhosa Speaking people. Experience the Rainbow Nation at its best.

Knysna Tourist Information Centre will make choosing and booking your experiences easy, so arrive ...and the rest will come naturally.

Now it should be quite obvious the inspiration Gaynor gets on a daily basis, very lucky indeed.  Gaynor, I hope your work keeps on staying as full of life, and gains more energy with every new creation and piece you work on!

Here are all Gaynor’s details.


1.        Follow MIE Art & Crafts Blog and Facebook page

2.       Please go to Africapintail’s Etsy shop and choose your favorite item

3.       Leave a comment below on your favorite item, and why you like it so much!

It’s that easy!  Winner will be announced on the 6th of September.  The Giveaway is open to ALL!

Hope you enjoyed this introduction, and my first giveaway!

Happy days to all

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