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Monday, 11 June 2012

Designer or Art?

Now what to call the next BOO!beloobie range?  They are more designer type dolls, are more frilly, take loads more time to make, and would generally only be collected as decor?

Well, here's the first one, his name is Flit the Fox.  If he can be called a designer plushy, or an art plushy I'm still not sure off.

Let's just call him special at this moment and make our minds up as the rest of the clan appears!

O yeah, and Wian is in there for good measure as well, he's always part of the photo shoots, I have loads of albums of the BOO!beloobies on my computer, with slashing of Wian in between, posing off course!

I"m almost going away for a bit with my hubby, little Wian and my hubby's family.  It's granny's 60th Birthday in 2 weeks time, so we'll be spending it in the lovely Crystal Springs!  But I must admit, I'm stressed about it all, my dad is really sick and he's getting a big operation today.....I'm feeling worried, emotional and a little bit nauseous just thinking about it, so I'll try to stop.  And it's really cold in South Africa at the moment, not the best time to be leaving a house living Basset and Spaniel out in the cold.  Luckily we have a great friend coming to look after our house and the 4 legged kids for the 4 nights we'll be away...but I'm still worried.

That's probably just how mom's are!  Well, we've fitted one of this wall mounted heaters in the garage, and I'm busy building them a fort of sorts in there, insulating it with everything I can find, so that will help during the day, I hope.....

Before I go on the vaca I'll drop you guys all a line, thanks for reading my rantings and ravings, and I'll give you guys an update on my dad soon!



  1. I love your fox! His eyes are very interesting- they show lots of character. He does look a bit feminine with the heart-- are you sure he's not a she?

    Jamie-- etsy blog team (Come visit my blog if you can--

  2. Hi Jamie, you are absolutely right, Flit can either be a he or a she! Thanks so much for your kind words!

  3. This little fox is adorable!