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Monday, 20 August 2012

A BOO!beloobie transport range - and here's the first member of the clan!

I've always liked the idea of planes and trains and automobiles for a little boys room.

I know it's kind of generic, but it can be made fun....and what boy doesn't love cars, or bikes, or planes....well, anything with wheels for that matter?

And this past Sunday, my little boy was talking so much about an aeroplane, that I decided to try to make one...It looked difficult, but actually turned out to not be as difficult a I anticipated.

So I drew up the pattern, started making it by 10 in the morning, and finished with it by 1 in the afternoon.

And Wiantjie LOVES it, he's been playing with it non stop!

And that made me decide to bring out a whole range of transport related decor and toys....probably in the next couple of months!

So I'll keep all you lovely people posted, have a great week, and be blessed beyond belief!


  1. It's adorable! A whole collection would be great for a little boy's room :)

  2. I am quite indifferent to airplanes, but this one is lovely and made me smile :) thanks for sharing!