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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Violet Limited Edition Orli the Owl!

I've been working on a Limited Edition Violet and Turqouise Orli the Owl.

She is a Limited Edition version, because the fabric she is made of sold out completely, so when it's used up, it will be gone forever!

I thought she would do good, and I was right, at this weekends heART in the Piazza event at Montecasino's MTN Festival, I only brought one home!

Still have a little bit of the fabric left, will be making the rest to see how many little Orli's will still be able to go to good homes!

It's Spring time in South we are back to having some lovely 'braaivleis', will be doing that this upcoming weekend, the 24th being National Braai day!

Hope you all enjoy your week, will be in touch later on to share the heART in the Piazza event with you!


  1. Well, isn't she just the cutest thing? Looks very fuzzy, too.

    Stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team!