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Thursday, 10 January 2013

And we're back!

It's been a very busy Christmas time, but I'm sure everyone can agree.  There's been family time, and some much needed downtime, Santa time, Holiday time, and overall just some good, old fashioned sleepy times!

Wiantjie had a blast through it all, enjoying all the presents Santa gave him, which was his dad in a Santa hat, which was hilarious..but in my little boys eyes, as soon as his dad put that hat on, he was Father Christmas, and that was that!

And Savannah, our Basset, had to get some of the lime light, I mean, she is gorgeous, and just gave me a great Christmas card idea for next year!

And with all that happened, it had to come to an end again for another year.  Luckily we have the photo's to prove what a wonderful Christmas it was.
My Dad is still spared, we spent Christmas day with them, and it was the most precious gift ever.
I just want to wish everyone a very healthy 2013, may we all have happiness abound...may your cup run over...may success follow you where-ever you go...and may love find you every day of your life!

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