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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It goes very deep...

My wonderful Dad is gone.....I still can't believe it, I can't just get in my car an drive to go and see his beautiful face....I can't hold his hand anymore...can't hug his big teddy bear body.

It's the most pain I've ever had to endure, but it's rightly so....he was an amazing man...his life reached people far and wide, young and old.

He's going to be missed by each and every one of us, for the rest of our lives.....until we meet again Poeksie, I love you.....Wiantjie loves you.....Poeksie is my hero, daddy fought so bravely....and will always be the biggest and best male figure I've ever known....

In the Loving Memory of my father, Brig. William Thomas Venter

11 August 1940 - 12 February 2013

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