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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ovations Group Carnaval Day!

Today I was at Ovations Group's Carnaval day for employees and their families, my hubby works for the company.

Had a stall for MIE Art, and it was a wonderful experience, having my husband and son there for the whole day.  They played and enjoyed the Carnaval, while I marketed my artsy fartsy stuff, got some more exposure, and met a lot of new people!  My next event will now be on the 11th of June at Bryanston Pre-primary's Mini Walk/Market and main fundraiser for the year!  Will be getting ready for that, but in the meanwhile I'm sorting out my new studio space/study!  Have to paint, sort out all the computer cables, which is everywhere, and then move all my art and craft supplies in!  Exciting!  Will keep you all posted, but while your waiting, here's some pics of today!  O yeah, check out my own handmade bunting!  I think it came out beautifully!  Lots of love to all!

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