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Monday, 6 June 2011

Mie - 1 Stuart Little - 0

We had a tussle of sorts this morning with a little field mouse I like to call Stuart Little.  He's been invading our living space for months now, only catching glimpses of him, and never being successful in catching the little rascal!

But this morning, when I saw him scampering away, I made a plan, a bright and beautiful plan, and then I called my husband!

After a lot of hockey stick action, ballerina moves, coaching and poking and prodding, and that was only my husband...........(hee hee hee), we finally had Stuart save and sound in a Tupperware container, which would later be thrown out!

Over the wall Stuart flew, as he was send into the neighbouring field with  a flying leap!  Unharmed, unscathed, no one with a scratch.......and me and my husband giggling as we went inside the house!  Savannah, the basset and Whiskey the spaniel, none the wiser.....and our little son Wian still fast asleep!

I hope you all have un unscathed and unharmed week, and may we all be just a little more patient and caring.....things can get done that way too!

Love and Happy days!



  1. Haa this is such a cute and familiar story. My cat once bought a mouse in through the cat door and let it go. Just for fun I guess! I tried to catch it myself but I couldn't.. so I cornered it and then put the cat in front of it... she caught it in between her chest and paws, and then I took it off her, unharmed and walked down the road with it and let it go.


  2. How cute your blog is!!!
    Judy K.