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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thxthxthx…………………….for the gratitude, Leah!

I stumbled upon a Facebook page the other day, simple saying thxthxthx:  a thank you note a day.

Sound unassuming enough…..yet , when I read further, I was pleasantly surprised!  It’s about a girl called Leah Dieterich, whose Mom encouraged her from a very young age, to write thank you notes.  It seems about any random thing, be it positive or negative. 

This makes you wonder? We take almost everything in our daily lives for granted, from having a roof over our heads, having cars to drive, food to eat….and yet there are people living in the bitter winter cold, without a scrap of food to eat, clothing or blankets to keep them warm.  Our priorities are all messed up…..shouldn’t we, like Leah, in our own special way, start saying thank you for the unexpected and little things in life more often?

Maybe, instead of looking at the “bigger picture” all the time, start looking at the small ones too?  We might start feeling more grateful for what we have, for life itself, for our friends and family, our pets, our food…..I can go on and on!

Leah has an extensive, and impressive resume, but the one thing I think that brings most homage to herself, and maybe her mom the most, it that her thank you notes was published, in a beautiful coffee table book.

Go and have a look at Leah’s website, ......I'm certain you will be inspired too.  And above all, let’s try to remember the little things….when they start adding up, they might just end up being the big things after all!

Happy days and loads of gratitude and blessings!



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  1. I must say you are very talented. Your work is amazing love Holly the Hedgehog!

    Found you on Etsy Blog Team. I am a new member and wanted to check out some of the members.
    I am following you GFC. Stop by and visit my blog and shop when you have a chance.