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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Meet Hilda at 10VioletStreet

Hilda Kruger from 10VioletStreet’s  Ceramic’s is my latest infatuation.  Her work is absolutely inspiring and intricate.

She’s an Information Specialist by day and a Ceramicist by night.  She only started working with clay in 2010, but judging by her artwork and the fine and infinite detail she puts into every piece, art has been in her blood for a very long time!

She adores working with clay, the only down side being the smell, but that’s a small price to pay to produce such fine works of art and whimsy!

In the Vredehoek Cape Town studio of the experienced potter Amelia Jacobs, Hilda’s pieces take shape, every piece being unique and one of a kind, and the artwork on it being lovingly hand brushes on by a superfine 00 brush.


Hilda’s work is available for sale on Etsy as well as on her Facebook page.  Here’s he links to all!

Hilda, anybody that puts in so much detail to their work, I’m instantly a fan off!

 I hope this turns out to become your day job, the art community and all your fans will be all the more grateful to see your art being displayed and hanging on their wall, speaking for itself and to all our hearts!

Happy days to all


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  1. Super gorgeous work! Thanks for sharing this :-)