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Monday, 1 August 2011

Just call her Dids!

Deirdre Botha, or better known as Dids in the art world is an amazingly talented lady!  She paints in oils, she does collages, which is one of her first loves, she makes the most beautiful vintage looking wooden blocks for kids, and she does the most wonderful crafty things with felt, from bags, to books, to brooches and magnets!

With all that she is involved in, you can see she’s a very determined and patient lady, creating something every day, looking after her 2 kids in between everything! 

She originally studied Ceramic design for 3 years, but only discovered her love for paintings after her kids had grown up a bit, giving her the freedom and time to create her beautiful artworks, sometimes combining them with collages, which is the perfect way to use repetitious patterns which she loves!

She opened up her own studio in the beginning of 2011, giving classes in oil painting and making collages, whilst she still keeps on creating herself, her products being in The Gallery in The Yard in Hatfield, Pretoria, Eau-la-la Art Café and Trends (featured in a previous article) and so many more!  She does most of the markets in Pretoria and the surrounding areas, and her art and crafts is sought after and loved by all that own them!

Her imagination is unbounded, and I’m astounded by what she conquers in every day that comes her way!  With her just opening up her Etsy store, she’s bound to take over the world, and I’m holding thumbs for her all the way!

Deirdre, you’re an inspiration……….and we need to get that coffee someday!

Here’s all the links to Deirdre’s blog and Etsy shop!  Give her the support she so rightly deserves, her work will fill your homes with warmth and an old worldly charm that no one else’s will be able to do!

Happy Days to all!


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