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Thursday, 6 October 2011

The last time we spoke.....

i told you that there would be a couple of cute additions to the BOO!beloobie family.....and they have arrived.

Reu the Robot is one of the cutest little thingamajig's I have set my needle or my eyes on.  She is going to be the first in a very long line of Reu's that will be bringing in some sunshine to our world!  Watch this space.....

Then there is Pai Pai, the Pig off course.  We've been having a stormy relationship, for the love of me I just couldn't figure her out...and she seemed to be so simple, but she was a Diva.....with lots of demands, but luckily I finally got her under control, thank goodness, and just in time for my Christmas markets coming up.  Will still fill you in on that, exciting....!!!

So I mentioned a couple of other critters that will be mooing, hooting, cock-a-doodle-doing and so on....and they are on their way......

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and happy days!

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