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Thursday, 19 January 2012

2012 has already been busy - Some new Baby mobile projects to show!

So, 2012 started off with a bang, or should I rather say, 2011 never stopped?

I hope you all have just been receiving blessings as I've been!  It's been busy, especially on the baby front.....and's not me having a baby...everybody else it seems is!

I've started making my own unique Baby mobile, and mobile kits for entertainment at Baby showers, and it's a huge hit.  So much so, that it's the only thing I'm making at the moment!  I've been sketching a lot of new ideas for new BOO!beloobies, but none have even started to see the light of day as yet, because of all the new babes coming in the next couple of months!  Congratulations to all you lovely ladies on the upcoming births of your sons and daughters....I know it's been the most memorable thing to happen to me in my lifetime!

Hope to see you guys more often in 2012!  Let's talk........let's brainstorm......let's get creative together!

Happy days

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