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Sunday, 22 January 2012

My BOO!beloobies are featured in the Ideas Magazine!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see my BOO!beloobie toys, and some background about their creative birth being featured in the Ideas Magazine, a wonderful magazine in South Africa, coming out in Afrikaans and English, with the most gorgeous decor, diy, homey ideas ever!

Here's some pics of the article as I take the time to thank Dala Watts and the whole team at the Ideas Magazine for giving me this opportunity!

This being my first physical publication of my little critters, I'm as proud as a new mom seeing her little baby for the first time.  And that is exactly how it was for range came about from the birth of my son.....whom I adore so much that I couldn't see myself going back to a desk job, and not see him grow up!

I love you Wiantjie, you're mommy's wild little angel........wouldn't change a thing!

Have a happy week everyone!

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