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Friday, 15 July 2011

Johan Albert's heART

I’ve only met Johan Alberts once, it was fleeting….but even if you haven’t met him, his art speaks volumes and leaves a lasting impression.

As per heART in the Garden’s (Johan Alberts and Melt van der Spuy’s labour of love) website, here’s a little bit of background info on Johan:”Johan Alberts was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. His love for creating art has led him to study at the Techikon Pretoria. Later he completed an honours degree in Entertainment Technology, at the Tshwane University of Technology, adding research to the field of scenic painting. He is currently busy with his Master’s degree in scenic design.

Johan has worked in the décor industry for many years, creating beautiful works for functions and events. He also taught at the National School of the Arts before settling in as a lecturer in Décor painting at the Tshwane University of Technology.

Johan has had numerous exhibitions in the Pretoria area, exhibiting his work and has had much success. He also produced stage art for well-publicised plays.

Johan’s work can be described as very nostalgic within the South African context and that it is always created with beauty in mind. Textures are always experimented with, resulting in interesting combinations. Most feedback on his work is that it holds incredible mood.”

Between him and his partner, Melt van der Spuy, they started heART in the Garden.  In the name they wanted to put emphasis not just on the Art aspect, but that there must be a piece of the artist’s heart in everything they do!  Thus it became heART!

heART in the Garden is a relaxed yet upmarket and trendy feast for the eyes, with stunning local artists exhibiting and selling their wares, from Marisa du Toit, Deirdre Botha (Dids), Babes in the Wood, and so many more to choose from.

You can come with the whole family, bring the kids along, there is something for everybody, and a warm welcome like the embrace of old friends!

It’s very rare in South Africa that people open up their home to so many strangers, but greeting them as if they’ve known them forever, and inviting them back again and again…..and we are all very grateful, it makes us feel like we’re home!

Johan and Melt, we hope all your business ventures succeed in leaps and bounds, and that heART in the Garden becomes a staple in our culture that we would not be able to live without!

Johan, never ever stop painting, your vision is fresh, it’s full of our South African heritage, but only with a new and bright outlook, and it’s exciting, heart thumping and mesmerizing!

When you guys have a chance, go and take a peek at heART in the Garden’s blog and Website!  Amazing to say the least! 

Happy days to all! 


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