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Thursday, 28 July 2011

I've been very lucky...

The last couple of weeks, I've been a very lucky girl!

I've had such great responses to my toys, expecially little Fibi the Fox, the one I thought would get the least attention.

This has meant that my toys are being featured on exciting blogs, doing my first ever international giveaway starting Monday on Rachelle Anne Miller's blog, - will post links then, and so much more still coming!

Being on Boxed online is so exciting as well, and will be opening up their own online shop based in the United Kingdom in about 10 weeks time, and I was invited to be one of their first suppliers and crafters, which is a great honor!

The latest great news came this morning, with my morning coffee, and opening up my e-mail as usual! has featured Fibi the Fox, a beautiful spread! 

They've just been chosen in Babble's Top 50 Design Blogs worldwide and #1 for Toys & Gear, so I feel extremely humbled that they thought one of my toys was good enough, and even right at the top of the page!

Here's the link to the posting, I just LOVE Babyology!  Based in Australia, it feels close to home, being in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia being such a big part of South African life!

I just hope my lucky streak continue, and I just want to thank Katrina Whelen, a writer at Babyology for deeming little Fibi good enough to be featured in such a beautiful article!

Happy days to all!



  1. Your toys are so cute. I love Fibi the Fox. What a great expression on it's face.

  2. oh my goodness your stuff in so cute. i am over from etsy blog team. also thanks for the info on social follow..