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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Interview with me and the BOO!beloobies on Boxed online!

BOO!beloobie Orli the Owls!

Happy weekend to all, mine have started off with a bang!  My BOO!beloobie toys have started to become part of my family, every single little design I do, and every little critter I make, I do with loads of love and individuality.  I take the time to look for a name, something out of the ordinary, that would stand out and also represent the little animal I'm creating.  I've been lucky that they've been received in such a positive light, they have found a place, and because of them people have started to see my work as designs. 

BOO!beloobie Orli the Owl in Pink
I feel very humbled and grateful for all the attention, and the warm comments and new friends in the art and craft communities that I'm making daily! 
Boxed online, one of the gorgeous online shops that hosts my products have done a wonderful interview about me and the BOO!beloobies, which I'm so proud of.  Thanks to Sarah for the opportunity and for all the kinds words she said about me......!

I hope to keep you all entertained with the new BOO!beloobies I'm planning, as well as the old ones!

Happy days to all!

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