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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Double the Creative Talent!

Kirsten and Cortney, identical twin sisters from small town Maine are the creative minds behind Indigo Twin.  Their works of art is so whimsical, desirable and artistic beyond the realm of someone like me that can work with her hands, but are clumsy with something tangible as clay.

They both graduated from the University of Maine with Bachelor’s Degrees in Fine Art in 1998, but their path to becoming full-fledged artists and partner’s in Indigo Twin started from a very young age, from crayon rubbings to works of art as adults, they were always able to give each other inspiration.

They’ve started a little sister company to Indigo Twin called Indigo Twin weddings, which specializes in unique cake toppers and invitations. No moulds are involved in their clay work and each one is handmade. Their pieces might be a bit rustic and imperfect, but in their own words it just adds to the charm of the item that you get!

Have a look at Kirsten and Cortney’s lovely Facebook pages, blog and Etsy shops!
 I adore their work, and hope they keep on with all the wonderful critters, always stay so hands on with their art creations, and keep on delighting us with new and refreshed ideas

Happy days to All!


  1. Thanks so much for putting together this nice piece! We love to work together and make fun pieces for everyone to enjoy. Thanks again!
    Cortney and Kirsten